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Centering People.

Achieving Results.

Partnering with nonprofit leaders and executive teams to increase organizational impact through customized consulting engagements and coaching.

Executive Coaching

Strategic advising and personalized coaching services for Executive Directors, Functional Leaders, and People Managers.

Strategic advising related to running an organization, leading a team, or strengthening a program. Think of this like having a competent "thought partner" at the ready.

Management coaching to grow the overall skillset of a manager(s) in order to help their direct reports and teams thrive.

Leadership coaching to help an individual tap into their strengths and create improved ways of operating and leading.

*Illustrative examples of talent strategy/HR projects include developing or strengthening: and overarching talent philosophy of how to attract, develop, and retain employees; a performance development system; a succession planning approach; a culture audit with recommended strategies; hiring processes; an onboarding program.

Consulting Services

Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

Assessing current talent strategy and practices, identifying ways to strengthen, and designing/executing plans to help organizations become more equitable and effective.*

Program Strategy

Program Strategy

Analyzing current program approach and outcomes to determine focus areas for continuous improvement. Providing and/or implementing recommendations.

Team Development

Team development

Designing and facilitating engagements to help teams build trust, gain clarity on shared goals, and operationalize rituals and tools to help drive change.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

DEI specific engagements to help individuals & teams understand more about how their identities and perspectives impact workplace culture.


"Katherine has a super-power when it comes to getting things done - what's even more impressive is her ability to make people feel respected and valued as she moves work forward. She collaborates in a way that invests in relationships, allows space for disagreement and candor, and keeps work on track. Her balance or relationships and results is one of the strongest I've seen!"

"Katherine is a true ally in racial justice and equity work and fights fearlessly to ensure People of Color are given access and opportunities! She was the most intentional and deliberate coach I have had in my twenty year career. She has a natural ability to hone in on areas you can improve and will ask the tough questions to grow and develop you professionally and personally."

About Katherine

Katherine (MBA, SHRM-SCP) has more than 20 years in the corporate and nonprofit sector leading teams, coaching executives, and developing and implementing strategy in both the program and talent functions at organizations. Always grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion, Katherine is adept at quickly understanding context and multiple perspectives in order to problem solve, particularly in areas related to individual and team performance, and organizational culture. Her vulnerability, sharing stories about her own successes and missteps as a manager, create space for others to explore their leadership in a challenging and supportive space. Katherine is a wife and mom, a published author, a fitness enthusiast, and a dedicated community member who volunteers with and supports many organizations that work to ensure that all people can live an abundant life.

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