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I believe God is in everything.  And while I do sometimes reference the sacred or the secular, in some ways, I think that terminology is bogus to start with – in some small (or big) way, I think everything is sacred.  If the God of the universe created us all, created every thing, created how things work (science and faith are so intertwined to me), and everything else we could name, then what is really secular? When I was little, it was hard to wrap my head around God for reasons I may write about later.  The age-old question, “why would a loving God let such bad things happen?” plagued any desire to want to believe in the mystery and beauty of said Creator.  And now, in my forties, it is hard for me to comprehend how anyone gets through this cruel and hard (and loving and wonderful) life without God.  I often wonder how people function without the Hope of something greater than today.  I still ask lots of questions of WHY and HOW but as I get still with myself and the world, I know God is there and I am learning so much about the way He operates these days.  I am not into a neat, innocent faith tied up with a bow; the one that can be shared in pithy statements of “God’s got this” don’t serve me most days, and yet even as I wrestle with big topics and explore questions that will never have answers this side of eternity, I find that there is peace in what some might call pithy: Be Still and Know that I am God.  I often yearn for the true answers, that God would tell me the specific things I want to hear and most of the time, I don’t get the specifics.  But I do get a deep peace, an unexplainable presence of “I’ve got this” that sounds and feels so much more comforting when coming from the Creator of the universe, and not a colorful bookmark.  I am excited to explore things I am learning about my own faith, and likely the faiths of others in this section of the site.

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