Leaving Space for Blessing (Bags)

We have three young children and I find myself thinking a lot about the lessons they are learning in life- from us, from friends, from the world.  I have heard so many wise people share that it matters a lot what you say to your kids but so many things that “stick” are because of…
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Seeing the Divine Beyond the Resurrection

I love me some Easter. The celebration of it all. A good Alleluia chorus. Lilies. Flowering crosses. How much women drive the story. The feeling of hope abounding. The sense of newness and aliveness all around. The reminder of the greatest miracle of all time. The centrality of a man named Jesus, without all the…
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Life Category

If you are like me, your mind is constantly on overdrive- thinking about all sorts of random things! In fact, slowing down and being still is something I am working on (and not very good at-ha!).  So I know there are days where I will want to write about something silly, something random, something that…
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