Concentric Circles and The Power of Relationships

If you are alive in 2022, your heart is heavy. Just when we think there can’t possibly be one more global crisis, there is. Just when we think we are emerging from the ashes, we get pushed back down. In the last few weeks, I have been thinking about the visual of concentric circles as…
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Coffee Bible

God and Faith Category

I believe God is in everything.  And while I do sometimes reference the sacred or the secular, in some ways, I think that terminology is bogus to start with – in some small (or big) way, I think everything is sacred.  If the God of the universe created us all, created every thing, created how…
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Life Category

If you are like me, your mind is constantly on overdrive- thinking about all sorts of random things! In fact, slowing down and being still is something I am working on (and not very good at-ha!).  So I know there are days where I will want to write about something silly, something random, something that…
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