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Relationships Category

This section of the blog is dedicated to some of my most important relationships in life, my hubby and my kids! It is also a space to write about other important relationships- my family, girlfriends, neighbors, colleagues and other people with whom I interact. It’s here we’ll explore relationships and what I am learning about building…
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Life Category

If you are like me, your mind is constantly on overdrive- thinking about all sorts of random things! In fact, slowing down and being still is something I am working on (and not very good at-ha!).  So I know there are days where I will want to write about something silly, something random, something that…
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The Enneagram: Part One

One of the tools I have been obsessed with for self-learning purposes the last few years has been the Enneagram. Have you used it yet? I feel like in some of my “worlds” everyone knows it and people literally reference their number as they would their middle name or profession. In other parts of my…
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