Seeing the Divine Beyond the Resurrection

I love me some Easter. The celebration of it all. A good Alleluia chorus. Lilies. Flowering crosses. How much women drive the story. The feeling of hope abounding. The sense of newness and aliveness all around. The reminder of the greatest miracle of all time. The centrality of a man named Jesus, without all the…
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Teaching My Kids They Are White

Why do you spend time talking to your young kids about their White skin and privilege?  This was a question I got recently at a discussion of my newly published book, The Colorful Image of God.  The participant asked in an inquisitive tone (which I appreciated!), but it was clear based on her commentary leading…
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Myself Category

Learning about self isn’t selfish if you turn the self-awareness into something meaningful. It could lead to less anxiety. Less critical self-talk. Less stress. More freedom. More joy. More boundaries. Stronger relationships. A more fulfilling job. Small moments of cultivated happiness. Deeper faith. And the list goes on….as least it does for me. When I…
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