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The Enneagram: Part One

One of the tools I have been obsessed with for self-learning purposes the last few years has been the Enneagram. Have you used it yet? I feel like in some of my “worlds” everyone knows it and people literally reference their number as they would their middle name or profession. In other parts of my…
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The Colorful Image of God 

I wrote a book.  Phew- that felt fun and incredibly scary to write.  Fun because it has been a life long dream of mine to publish a book but it wasn’t until about four years ago that I finally figured out the content.  Scary because vulnerability is hard for me and it feels really, freaking…
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Injustice Protest

Race and Justice Category

For now, this section of the Blog will explore topics I write about in my first book, The Colorful Image of God. My prayer is that as people engage here, they will want to go deeper with the full content in the book when it is released. In the future, I will go deeper into…
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