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For now, this section of the Blog will explore topics I write about in my first book, The Colorful Image of God. My prayer is that as people engage here, they will want to go deeper with the full content in the book when it is released. In the future, I will go deeper into…
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Enneagram: Part 2

I shared a quick overview of the Enneagram in an earlier blog post and am coming back now to share Part 2. If this is something that intrigues you, like with anything on my Blog, I encourage you to take a few of the ideas or thoughts I share and use as a catalyst to…
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Learning about self isn’t selfish if you turn the self-awareness into something meaningful. It could lead to less anxiety. Less critical self-talk. Less stress. More freedom. More joy. More boundaries. Stronger relationships. A more fulfilling job. Small moments of cultivated happiness. Deeper faith. And the list goes on….as least it does for me. When I…
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