Learning in Black History Month

As I get ready to post this, Erin Jackson just became the first Black woman to win an individual medal in speed skating at the Olympics. She is an incredible athlete with such a neat story (she is relatively new to the sport!) and just seems like such a cool, humble human. I love hearing…
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Coffee Bible

God and Faith Category

I believe God is in everything.  And while I do sometimes reference the sacred or the secular, in some ways, I think that terminology is bogus to start with – in some small (or big) way, I think everything is sacred.  If the God of the universe created us all, created every thing, created how…
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Teaching My Kids They Are White

Why do you spend time talking to your young kids about their White skin and privilege?  This was a question I got recently at a discussion of my newly published book, The Colorful Image of God.  The participant asked in an inquisitive tone (which I appreciated!), but it was clear based on her commentary leading…
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